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What is P-TECH?

P-TECH Norwalk is open to all Norwalk residents entering the 9th grade. The admissions process is determined by a lottery system, with approximately 100 students being admitted every year. P-TECH Norwalk’s goal is to prepare students for the ever-changing workplace by developing professional skills and STEM knowledge. P-TECH students have access to a great support system, with the help of counselors, teachers, IBM mentors, and like-minded classmates. These professional mentors allow students to interact with like-minded adults working in a particular field and to learn about the modern workforce. Along with encouraging student interests, mentors also help students understand what they want to do after college. P-TECH Norwalk allows students the opportunity to graduate from high school and earn a degree from Norwalk Community College (Associate in Applied Science (AAS)) in as little as four years. P-TECH Norwalk offers three possible associate degrees in computer science: Software Engineering, Web Development, and Mobile Programming. These degrees are some of the most sought after in the job market today and are very beneficial to anyone looking for a job.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering degree emphasizes the complete lifecycle of the software development process. Students learn how to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain software using rigorous software engineering practices. They are taught how to leverage technology to create flexible and scalable applications and to address the challenges that arise during the development process. The program exposes students to a range of other disciplines, such as the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities so they gain an understanding of the real world scenarios that make up the software engineering environment.

Web Development

This program prepares students for technical positions within the Computer Science field.  It provides students with the skills needed to be successful in the field of Web Development.  The program teaches students fundamental concepts as well as fosters preparation for tomorrow’s web development needs.  Course work is focused on programming in heterogeneous platform environments through multiple programming languages, essential design skills and tools, and development of both written and verbal communication skills needed in all areas of the business community.

Mobile Programming

This certificate prepares students to enter the fastest growing segment of the information technology application development marketplace. It includes basic programming skills, object-oriented programming techniques, an overview of current mobile platforms and device-specific advanced topics. Students completing the program will be able to create simple applications on a variety of devices and specialized programs on the device of their choice. Platforms currently offered include Apple iPhone and Google Android OS.

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Remember The Past

Since 2014

P-TECH Norwalk (Pathways in Technology Early College High School), formerly known as Norwalk Early College Academy (NECA), opened its doors to its first students on August 27, 2014. It became the first P-TECH modeled school in the State of Connecticut. The first class graduating class in 2018 saw the success of 68 students with 12 students additionally gaining their Associate’s degrees from Norwalk Community College. P-TECH Norwalk continued to grow and to become more popular as more students became interested in the three-degree pathways

IBM Funded Futures

Professional Skills

With the establishment of the first P-TECH program in 2011, IBM sought to create a system where students not only could learn essential professional skills necessary for the workplace, but also could achieve higher education success. By working with the New York City Department of Education and the City University of New York, IBM opened the first P-TECH school in a low-income neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The school took in one hundred 9th graders. The class graduated with a 100% high school graduation rate and a 52% community college graduation rate, four times higher than the national on-time community college graduation rate. Furthermore, 80% of the class completed a paid internship, the majority with IBM and the remaining with other industry partners. With far higher graduation rates and opportunities for work experience in high school, the value of the P-TECH model is clear. Because of P-TECH’s effectiveness and value, P-TECH programs have been adopted all around the world. Over 200 P-TECH models are now running across 6 continents, in 16 different countries. This global reach not only impacts students around the world directly through education, but also allows P-TECH students from around the world to communicate and to learn from each other.

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P-TECH Norwalk Frequently Asked Questions

  • P-TECH is open to all Norwalk scholars at no cost to scholars and their families. For the 2021-2022 school year, 100 grade 9 scholars will be admitted by lottery. Applicants must…
    1) Be in good academic standing (no final grades of D or F)
    2) Have attended school regularly (no chronic absenteeism or tardiness)
    3) Be interested in studying computer science at NCC; degree offerings include Web Development, Mobile Programming and Software Engineering
    4) Have above average skills in math, (degrees require college intermediate algebra, college algebra, college pre-calculus and college calculus)
    5) Agree to participate in IBM-related events and site visits
    6) Must be entering 9th grade in September 2020 and be a Norwalk resident

  • Summerbridge Program
    Before starting high school, freshman participate in a 3-week summer academy at P-TECH Norwalk. Scholars enroll in courses in English, math, workplace learning, and high school prep; they also participate in field trips to enhance their learning.

    9th Grade Schedule
    When the school year begins, the 9th grade schedule includes eight courses. Courses taught by P-TECH teachers include English, math, world history, science, workplace learning, world language and exploring computer science. Some related courses are taught by NHS teachers. This model affords scholars the opportunity to have an integrated high school experience. Irrespective of the teacher, every course meets a graduation requirement and prepares the scholar for upper level courses in sophomore year.

    Career Readiness (3-year sequence)
    During the first three years of high school, scholars participate in workplace learning (WPL) courses which emphasize the professional skills of presentation, self-marketing, and communication critical to success in the workplace. Part of the workplace learning experience includes scholars working with IBM mentors. Additionally, scholars participate in project-based learning activities and IBM workplace visits, and over time, tackle skills-based, real-world projects through internships and apprenticeships.

  • P-TECH Norwalk is a separate and independent high school recognized by the state of CT. P-TECH shares the campus and some resources with NHS. P-TECH partners with Norwalk Community College and IBM to combine the best of high school, college and the professional world. P-TECH is a grade 9 to 14 high school (grades 9 – 12 and college grades 13 – 14). All scholars earn a P-TECH high school diploma in four years. Scholars can also earn an applied associates of science degree in Web Development, Mobile Programming or Software Engineering within this time frame, but have up to six years to complete the college degree requirements. Upon graduation, P-TECH scholars are prepared to join the work force, are first in line for interviews with IBM, or may transfer to a four-year institution to complete their undergraduate degree.

  • + Complete the online application.
    + Supplemental forms (English and math teacher recommendation forms and + School Counselor Recommendation form) must be submitted to the middle school teachers and counselor. The completed recommendation forms will be forwarded to P-TECH by the middle school counselor.

  • The P-TECH student support team (SST) is comprised of two school counselors, one social worker, and an interventionist. If a student is struggling either emotionally and/or academically, and there is a concern, the SST meets weekly to review student achievement to determine what service(s) might support the student best. 

  • The school social worker is responsible for providing the mandated counseling services for students with IEPs and 504 accommodation plans. The P-TECH social worker also provides emotional support for students that do not have specialized plans or accommodations.

    Some services that the school social worker might provide include: crisis intervention, assisting students with conflict resolution, anger and stress management, helping students develop appropriate social skills, and assisting students in understanding themselves and others.

  • United Way of Connecticut or 2-1-1 is an exceptional resource which aims to help meet the needs of Connecticut and its residents by providing information, education, and connection to services. In order to access United Way of Connecticut, either dial 2-1-1 from any touchtone phone and/or access them online at

    2-1-1 also provides 24-hour Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EMPS) for youth through the age of 18. 

  • Executive Functioning skills are key to being successful in High School; onto college and eventually your career.  Having a central place to write down important dates, assignments, and upcoming events can really make the transitions to adulthood less stressful.