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P-TECH Norwalk

Welcome to P-TECH Norwalk

Early Access to College and Career Readiness

OUR MISSION: P-TECH Norwalk will build an academic community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. We will educate them in ways that lead to fulfilling careers and develop skills to become lifelong passionate investigators. At P-TECH, we will work to educate the nation's future leaders in information technology and software engineering while preparing them for professions that have yet to exist.

Further, we will seek to expand the frontiers of computer systems and encourage technological innovation while fostering academic excellence and scholarly learning in a project-based, culturally relevant, inclusive learning environment.

OUR VISION: P-TECH Norwalk is a high school that fosters an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, civility and multiculturalism. P-TECH will prepare its graduates to solve problems and apply new technologies within an interconnected and evolving global environment and will strive to ensure that every student has access to engage in a free, authentic, education-based work experience so that they may become fundamental, functioning members of a diverse, ever-changing global economy.